Two Trees Update

Denton South Councillors George Newton, Claire Reid and Jack Naylor want to reaffirm their view that the former Two Trees School site should be maintained for education purposes, and regardless of what happens with the site the former school fields should be protected.

Due to the condition of the existing school building, and the presence of asbestos, the grounds are currently patrolled by security to ensure public safety. In the last 12 months, over £100,000 of taxpayers’ money has been used to fund this.

To that end, we have been notified that Tameside Council’s Executive Cabinet will consider a proposal on Tuesday 02 November to demolish the former school building.

Should approval be granted, it is estimated that the work will begin before the end of the year & take approximately 8 months to complete with a target completion date of July 2021.

As Councillors, we recognise that the current building is not safe or suitable for a school or any other public building and that with thousands of pounds being spend on on-site security, this solution is fair and understandable.

Whilst there is no consultation required when seeking approval for a demolition, we would welcome residents’ thoughts on this proposal. You can submit your views here:

To re-iterate, George, Claire and Jack believe that the entire site should be maintained for education purposes, and are resolute in their objection to any development which would not protect and enhance the green fields on the Two Trees site.

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