Better Buses

Stagecoach have announced plans to increase journey times between Haughton Green and Manchester, adding up to 22 minutes to rush hour commutes.

The existing 204 and 206 services will be scrapped and replaced with a new 202 service with fewer buses and longer journeys. Rush hour buses currently take 38 minutes to go from Haughton Green to Manchester, but the new service would extend journey times by 22 minutes by making it an hour long.

Further changes to bus routes around Denton would see the 204, 205 and 206 services scrapped, leaving Dane Bank and the Town Lane part of Denton without a bus service entirely.

Councillors George Newton, Claire Reid and Jack Naylor have launched an online petition urging Stagecoach to reconsider and provide a better bus service for Haughton Green and south Denton.

Speaking on behalf of the Denton South Councillors, Councillor George Newton said:

“Public transport needs to be affordable and quick to encourage people to get out of their cars – extending journey times and reducing the number of buses is quite obviously not the way to do that!”

George added:

“this just shows what Stagecoach think of their paying customers in Haughton Green and Denton.”

George, Claire and Jack are encouraging residents in Denton South to sign their petition asking Stagecoach to reconsider and provide a better bus service for Haughton Green and Denton.

Petition text: I urge Stagecoach to reconsider their plans for fewer buses and longer journey times in Haughton Green and Denton.

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